Saturday, October 13, 2007

Get AFF schedule info on your cell phone via SMS

Use your cell phone to get the panel and film times on your cell phone via SMS text message. Here's how:

- Text bside fe aff2007 to SMS # 47647 (you only have to do this once to set your phone to AFF)
- Text bside help for a list of common commands
- Text bside show now for a list of upcoming movie/panel times
- Text bside show [title] to see a particular event (e.g. bside show blood car to get showtimes for Blood Car)
- Text bside rate [title] [1-5] to rate a film (e.g. text bside rate big wednesday 5 to rate Big Wednesday 5 stars out of 5)
- Visit and create an account, then add your cell number to your profile. Your SMS ratings will be automatically added to your profile!
- Send bside buzz for a quick list of the top-rated films so far!

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