Monday, October 08, 2007

Five films off your radar- Frank Edition.

AFF staff and programmers are picking five movies each that might be off your radar, but are worth checking out. You may not have heard of them now, but these films will blow you away.

Frank Kearl, Production Manager

1. Superheroes- What a great performance by Dash Mihok in this film. Deeply sad and yet suspenseful at the same time, this is really a great showcase for an actor that not enough people know about.

2. War/Dance- I fully expect this will get an Oscar nomination this year. Really amazing subject matter, its an uplifting film amongst all the tragedy of Uganda. It would behoove you to see this film.

3. First Saturday in May- My favorite sports movie of the year, this doc makes you care as much about the horses as the people who devote their lives to training them.

4. Year at Danger- Ground level in the Iraq war- from a filmmaker's perspective. Austinite Steve Metz's story is touching and deeply affecting but never grinds a political ax to the left or right.

5. Owl and the Sparrow- This won the audience award at LA Film Fest, and is a really great little film. It's like a cross between Wong Kar Wai and Francois Truffaut, with some amazing performances by child actors.

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