Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Durwood's Video Pick of the Week

Durwood Wilkes is a professional bingo caller from Henshitt, Texas currently making his home base in Chicago. He recently celbrated his 25th year of criss-crossing the country spreading the gospel of bingory. The video pick of the week is taken from The Weekly Hopper, a newsletter for fans of Honky Tonk Bingo, a Sunday night tradition at the Pontiac Cafe' in Chicago. To subscribe to the Hopper, drop him a line at honkytonkbingoman@gmail.com.


All right, I meant to do this last week but I just got so far behind... But in honor of last week's Oscars, I did a little research and found some films that were robbed of Oscar gold and some that weren't even nominated- which seems like an abomi-goddam-nation. For instance, 1964. DR. STRANGELOVE loses to My Fair Lady. One of the greatest dark comedies of all time- wonderfully silly and disturbing at once- loses to some Pigmallion costume drama horsesh*t. You know if I would have been in attendance, I'd a thrown a tomato or two. TAXI DRIVER lost to Rocky, RAGING BULL lost to Ordinary People, APOCALYPSE NOW lost to Kramer vs. Kramer. But check out the films that weren't even nominated. A veritable fest of all time greats. I'll rattle off a few and holler at you next week. CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS, DO THE RIGHT THING, 2001, HUD (C'mon now!), VERTIGO, COOL HAND LUKE (all right, now I'm pissed), THE THIRD MAN, NOTORIOUS (watch this movie if you haven't and tell me you love it so we can be friends), SEVEN SAMURAI. Enough already. It's like it's almost better if you don't win.

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