Friday, March 10, 2006

AFF Photo of the Week: Sandra Bullock

Crash cast member and sometime Austin resident Sandra Bullock attended the festival in 1998 to screen her writing and directing debut, the short film Making Sandwiches. The short starred Bullock as well as Matthew McConaughey and Eric Roberts.

Bullock will soon appear as writer Harper Lee in that other Truman Capote film, Infamous, which was shot in Austin last year.

(photo credit: Jack Plunkett/Austin Film Festival)

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MaryAn Batchellor said...

Sandra Bullock is speaking out about the lack of film incentives in the State of Texas to attract producers of film and television. The possibility of NBC taking the television version of Friday Night Lights anywhere else or the film version of Dallas being any place but Big D is not only offensive to Texas pride, but downright irresponsible for the economic development of our state. For her outspokenness on this vital issue to the economy of our state, Sandra Bullock has moved into my hero column.