Thursday, March 16, 2006

DIY Steadicam for under 40 dollars!

Many of you responded to the DIY bluescreen, so I thought I'd pass along this budget steadicam. Can't vouch for it performance-wise, but I do love the spirit of these indie projects. Build at your own risk!


Improved Steadicam for under 40 dollars! Also boom mic attachment!

Did you ever want a steadicam that perhaps actually looked and acted like the steadicam the pros use? Well, my easy steadicam design involves no cutting of metals and the hardest things are perhaps cutting pvc and cutting wood (which in fact we all love). I tried to build one with strings, but there was no apparent souce that was easy enough to understand with springs etc.

-no fabrication of metal needed
-no welding
-under 50 dollars (or so....i stopped counting)

With this design, its design is more similar to a steadicam in that it is not a "pogostick" that is vulnerable to moving due to a change in speed.

Click here for complete instructions.

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