Monday, October 11, 2010

Conference Interns' Festival Picks!

We asked the Conference interns, Ben and Caitlin, to each put together a "how would you do the Festival (if you weren't going to be run ragged working the whole time) schedule." Here they are!

I’m a student at University of Texas, majoring in Radio-Television-Film. In my spare time I intern at Austin Film Festival and play bass in a band. In preparation for the upcoming Austin Film Festival, I have been mulling over which events would be the most fascinating to me. I’ve decided if I were to invest in anything, it would be a Conference Badge, which gets you into all panels and film screenings, and a handful of parties.

As far as panels go, on the top of my list would be Script-to-Screen: “Big Fish” with John August, where you get to analyze film clips from the movie with the screenwriter himself. The panel on Pixar Story Development Process should also be intriguing, considering their stellar reputation. The Craft of Screenwriting panels on both Comedy and Horror, which feature screenwriters who have written classics in their respective genres, seems interesting. Heroes and Villains, a panel on memorable characters from both sides of the moral spectrum, will be a great analysis of what makes characters stand the test of time.

Of course this is a film festival, and there are some films I am extremely interested in viewing. “Make Believe,” is a documentary following six junior magicians, which was produced by the same team as “King of Kong.” As a musician, I am intrigued by “Echotone,” a film that follows rising Austin musicians and how they make their living in the ‘Live Music Capital of the World.’ “Sons of Perdition” is a documentary on young people, who were raised within the walls of a cult, venturing out into the real world. I’ve heard good things about it and intend to investigate.

While the Conference badge does not get me into all the parties, the ones it does get me into are supposed to be well worth my time. The Pitch Finale Party, the Conference Wrap Party, and The Paramount Film Party are supposed to be great, and screenwriter Shane Black (Lethal Weapon, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) will host the Conference Wrap Party. It should be a busy week.

I am currently a fifth year, senior majoring in public relations at The University of Texas. I transferred from Emerson College in Boston where I played basketball and started my college career with musical theatre. I am an avid football and sports fan, ride horses competitively and love all film and music related topics (except horror films!)

If I had disposable income for the Festival and were to buy a badge, I’d say I’d most likely buy the Conference or Weekend badges. If I had a need to network and socialize more, there’s no doubt I’d buy the Producers badge, but as a mere student, this time may come later.

As a person with friends devoted to the film industry, I’ve grown to appreciate the process and work that goes into every detail. Based on that and my general love for film like any normal theatre-goer, I’d attend the following screenings: Brother’s Justice, New Low, Echotone, It’s Whatever, 127 Hours, Black Swan, Blue Valentine, I Love You, Phillip Morris, Peep World, and some compiled shorts.

And the following panels: “Script-to-Screen: Big Fish,” “The Black List,” “Film Critics and The Industry,” “Pixar Story Development Process,” and “Toy Story 3”: How 4 Years of Creative Agony Became 93 Minutes of Movie Fun.”

If you see Ben or Caitlin during the Conference, please be sure to thank them - they've done a tremendous amount of work to help put this together.

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