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Want to Write for TV?

The 2010 Austin Film Festival & Conference offers an impressive program of TV-centric films and TV-focused panels, featuring a full list of television writers, directors, producers and showrunners.

Check them out!


Thursday, 10/21

EXPORTING RAYMOND - Opening Night World Premiere!

Writers often form a strange relationship with their own work and sometimes it can be hard to let it go. Follow Phil Rosenthal, creator of the hit TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond," in this incredibly funny true story of the attempt to translate “Raymond” into a Russian sitcom. A hilarious, warm and intimate journey of one man, considered an expert in his country, who travels to a land to help people that don’t seem to want his help. Lost in Moscow, lost in his mission, lost in translation, Phil tries to connect with his Russian colleagues but runs into unique characters and situations that conspire to drive him insane. The movie is a true international adventure, a genuine, “fish out of water” comedy that could only exist in real life. Director Phil Rosenthal in attendance.
Paramount Theatre, 7:00pm

Saturday, 10/23

Outstanding Television Writer award recipient David Simon (“The Wire”) presents the uncut pilot episode of his phenomenal HBO series. Catch this one of a kind screening of Simon’s Emmy©-nominated show that follows an eclectic group of New Orleans residents as they try to rebuild their lives and city in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In the episode, titled “Do You Know What it Means?,” the neighborhood celebrates its first second-line "parade" since Katrina, reuniting many of its musicians and residents, though many more have yet to return. Simon with discuss the creation and development of the show following the screening. Creator/writer David Simon in attendance.
Alamo Ritz, 6:00pm
(Requires Film Pass or above)

Written/directed by Richard Levine

Writer Richard Levine takes inspiration from his life a television writer (Levine was a writer and producer on Nip/Tuck, among other shows) for his feature directing debut. The story of a family’s struggle to survive life’s curve-balls that ultimately bring out the best and the worst in us. Ned (played by Schreiber) is a television writer on a seedy drama created by an overbearing show runner (played perfectly by Izzard). Already struggling at work, his life is turned upside down when his wife’s sick and estranged father moves in with their family. Taking from his own life, Levine has created a very honest look at a modern American family making it through life’s everyday and sometimes unwanted challenges.
Texas Spirit Theater, 7:00pm

Sunday, 10/24

Screening of the short-lived 20th Century Fox Television pilot followed by a discussion with Kyle Killen, show creator/writer/executive producer, about the TV industry, how it works, and how a show with so much promise - great press coverage (the cover of the NYT, no less!), great reviews, great writing, great cast - got cancelled after only 2 episodes. Creator/writer Kyle Killen in attendance.
Alamo Ritz, 1:30pm


Opening Remarks

Driskill Hotel, Ballroom
The Austin Film Festival welcomes you to its 17th year of panels, films, parties and conversation. Find out about this year’s special events, last-minute additions and special guests.

2010 Nickelodeon Writer’s Symposium
(Participants have been pre-selected for this event)
Extended length panel: 1:00pm-3:00pm

Stephen F. Austin Hotel, Assembly Room
A 2-hour invitational designed to prepare applicants for submission to the Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship. Participants will hear from Writing Fellowship Executive Director, Karen Kirkland on “How to Tell a Story” and will subsequently be invited to participate in an exclusive one-on-one Script Review with Nickelodeon executives.

FRIDAY, 10/22
Using Improv to Improve Your Script

Stephen F. Austin, Ballroom
Improv and table reads can be incredibly useful for hearing your dialogue spoken aloud and punching up the comedy quotient. How to invigorate your script through improvisation.
Amanda Austin, Owen Egerton, Dan French, Peter Murrieta, Chuck Sklar

A Conversation with Phil Rosenthal

Driskill Hotel, Maximilian Room
A handful of writers have created an enduring cultural experience through story telling. We are all the lucky recipients of their work. How does one manage the path once a little success is achieved. What is it like to develop and maintain a popular show for 9 years? Was it a smooth ride? Join a conversation with writer/producer Phil Rosenthal, creator of the hit TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond." Phil is a published author ("You're Lucky You're Funny: How Life Becomes a Sitcom"), a film writer/director, an actor, an acknowledged "foodie" and a lover of stories. We are hosting the World Premier of his feature film directorial debut, “Exporting Raymond,” which is the incredibly funny true story of the attempt to convert “Everybody Loves Raymond” into a Russian sitcom.
Moderated by James Faust

The Teleplay
(2nd Rounders and Above)

Driskill Hotel, Citadel Club
Get in-depth answers to all of your questions about writing a teleplay - from writing specs of existing shows, to writing original pilots, and what to do with it once you have it.
Sterling Anderson, Jen Grisanti
Moderated by Stuart Kelban

Creating a TV Bible & Pilot to Get You in the Room

Driskill Hotel, Ballroom
Top show creators and producers discuss what goes into creating a TV bible that will get you in the door. How much information should you include? Writing the pilot, character breakdowns, establishing worlds and how many episodes, if any, to include.
Sterling Anderson, Kyle Killen, Jorge Zamacona
Moderated by Monte Williams

The Business of Writing for Television

Driskill Hotel, Ballroom
A conversation on the changing landscape of television. How do spec pilots become successful primetime TV shows? Discuss with an agent, manager, producer and the writers the business of television. And how to get your foot in the door.
Bryan Brucks, Noah Hawley, Pamela Ribon, Tiffany Ward
Moderated by Stuart Kelban

The Showrunners

Driskill Hotel, Ballroom
A discussion on the role of the showrunner, their effect on the direction of a show, and how they put together and work with their writing team.
David Boxerbaum, Noah Hawley, Peter Murrieta
Moderated by Andy Langer

A Conversation with David Simon
Stephen F. Austin, Ballroom
Join a conversation with Outstanding Television Writer Awardee David Simon, creator of HBO’s “The Wire” and “Treme”, whose credits also include “Homicide: Life on the Street”, the mini-series “The Corner” and “Generation Kill”.
Moderated by Robert Draper

SUNDAY, 10/24
Inside the Writers Room

Driskill Hotel, Ballroom
What goes on inside a television shows’ writers room? What’s the schedule, the writing process as a team, and most important, how do you get break in?
Jen Grisanti, Jennifer Salt, Jorge Zamacona
Moderated by Monte Williams

Television Writers, Directors, Producers and Showrunners at AFF 2010

Sterling Anderson – writer “Medium,” “The Unit”
Barry Blaustein – director Peep World, writer “Saturday Night Live”
Larry Doyle – screenwriter “The Simpsons,” “Beavis and Butt-Head,” author Go, Mutants
Jay Wade Edwards – television producer and editor “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”
Dan French – screenwriter “The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” “Dennis Miller,” “The Best Damn Sports Show Period,” “Wanda Sykes”
Jen Grisanti – writing instructor for NBC’s Writers on the Verge, author, Story Line: Finding Gold In Your Life Story
Noah Hawley – creator/writer/executive producer “My Generation,” writer/executive producer “The Unusuals,” writer/co-producer “Bones”
Pat Hazell – writer “Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman,” “My Life In 3D,” “Showtime’s Aspen Comedy Special,” “Seinfeld”
Barry Josephson – Josephson Entertainment, AFF board member, producer of "Bones"
Jeff Lowell – screenwriter "Just Shoot Me," "Spin City," "The Drew Carey Show"
Peter Murrieta – showrunner and Emmy Award-winning creator of "Wizards of Waverly Place,” "Hope and Faith," "Greetings from Tucson"
Nancy Pimental – writer “South Park”
Pamela Ribon – writer “Samantha Who,” “Romantically Challenged,” “Mind of Mencia,” 2001 AFF Finalist for the Sitcom Category
Philip Rosenthal – writer/director Exporting Raymond, creator/executive producer “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Coach,” “Down the Shore”
Jennifer Salt – “Nip/Tuck”
Chuck Sklar – screenwriter “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Politically Incorrect,” “The Chris Rock Show”
Tim Talbott – writer “South Park”
Tiffany Ward – TV Agent, Creative Artists Agency
Jorge Zamacona – creator/writer “Wanted,” “10-8: Officers on Duty,” writer “Homicide: Life on the Street,” consulting producer/writer on ABC’s “The Unusuals,” writing/ producing “Outlaw”

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