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Don't Just Look Like a Filmmaker, Be One!

Talk with the pros about how to put together a proposal that will secure backing for your film. Learn how to face the challenges of putting together a crew that you can afford without compromising your project or ending up in a screaming match. Regardless of your budget, there are basics you want to make sure you have covered to insure that your film is not only a success, but that it gets completed at all.

No matter how far along you are in your filmmaking career, we've got a wealth of filmmaking-related panels in store for you. (Not to mention networking opportunities galore to meet distributors, agents, editors, writer/directors, music supervisors, and more.)

We've made your schedule for you. Now, all you have to do is buy your Badge and show up! Check it out:


Opening Remarks
Driskill Hotel, Ballroom

The Austin Film Festival welcomes you to its 17th year of panels, films, parties and conversation. Find out about this year’s special events, last-minute additions and special guests.

A Conversation with Randall Wallace
Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony

Join a conversation with Academy Award©-nominated writer/director Randall Wallace, whose credits include “Pearl Harbor,” “We Were Soldiers,” “The Man in the Iron Mask,” and the Academy Award©-winner “Braveheart.”

A Conversation with Edward Burns
Driskill Hotel, Maximilian Room

Join a conversation with actor/writer/director Edward Burns. Burns’ filmmaking credits include “The Brothers McMullen,” “She’s the One,” “Sidewalks of New York,” “The Lynch Pin,” and his most recent project, “Nice Guy Johnny.”
Moderated by James Faust

Breaking In and Staying In
Stephen F. Austin, Ballroom

Live outside LA/NY with no plans to move anytime soon? Don’t yet have close friends at the studios? How to get a foothold in the industry – and stay there.
Gayla Nethercott, Dan Petrie, Jr., PJ Raval, Alex Smith
Moderated by Fred Strype

FRIDAY, 10/22

Script-to-Screen: “Big Fish” with John August
Extended length panel: 8:30am-10:15am
Driskill Hotel, Citadel Room

With script in hand and film clips on the wall, prolific screenwriter John August will dissect his critically acclaimed screenplay “Big Fish,” discussing what worked, what didn't, what needed to be changed for film production and why. This case study of the script-to-screen process for a celebrated film will contain information that screenwriters and filmmakers can apply to their own works.

A Conversation with John Lee Hancock
Driskill Hotel, Victorian Balcony

Join a conversation with writer/director John Lee Hancock, who scripted the Clint Eastwood-directed “A Perfect World,” and re-teamed with Eastwood for the screen version of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” adapting the best-selling book by John Berendt. Hancock wrote and directed “The Alamo” and directed “The Rookie,” produced the film “My Dog Skip” with Mark Johnson and, most recently, wrote and directed “The Blindside.”

The Film Festival: How to Work it
Driskill Hotel, Ballroom

The camera stopped rolling and the editor finished cutting but your job as a filmmaker is far from over. Get insider secrets on how to work the festival circuit, develop a marketing strategy and corresponding press kit, and what to consider when determining your best distribution options.
Todd Berger, Matt Dentler, Sarah Harris, Kelly Williams
Moderated by John Merriman

Stephen F. Austin, Ballroom

The professionally hyphened play a challenging game: one has twice as much responsibility and twice as much at stake. A discussion on the pros and cons of doing it all: how to make your dream film without losing your perspective.
Shane Black, John Lee Hancock, Alex Smith, Randall Wallace
Moderated by Drew Yanno

Make it Legal: What You Need to Know about Entertainment Rights
Driskill Hotel, Hogg Room

A discussion on issues dealing with libel, privacy, right of publicity, copyright and trademark, and how to become more aware when writing and creating films. Can you say disparaging things about real products or people? Can you use paintings, posters and photographs to decorate the sets? If you're making a documentary, what news clips can you use without paying for them? Questions like these and more will be answered. In a nutshell, what can you get sued for and how to avoid it.
Kathleen Conkey, Esq., Deena Kalai, Esq.

Film Critics and the Industry
Alamo Ritz

Print film critics have recently been in the spotlight, criticized for being out of touch with the majority of filmgoers. What purpose are film reviews serving now? Who's reading them and how are they using them? And with more movie critics driven to the internet, what does this change for the audience? More importantly, what is the impact on the film and the filmmakers? Film critics from print and blogs address these questions and others.
David Denby, The New Yorker; Neil Miller,; Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times; Scott Weinberg, Cinematical/Moviefone and FEARnet; Chase Whale,; Moderated by Charles Ealy, Austin American-Statesman
**Film Pass grants entry!!**


Independent Productions: The Proposal
Stephen F. Austin, Assembly Room

Talk with the pros about how to put together a proposal that will secure backing for your film.
Curtis Burch, Michael Katchman, Brent Lilley, Meta Valentic
Moderated by Dawn Wiercinksi

Independent Productions: The Team
Stephen F. Austin, Assembly Room

Assembling and working with your crew on a limited budget. How to face the challenges of putting together a team that you can afford without compromising your project or ending up in a screaming match.
Marjorie Eber, Travis Fine, PJ Raval, Ezra Venetos
Moderated by Dawn Wiercinksi

The $2 or the $200,000 Film: What You Need to Know
Stephen F. Austin, Assembly Room

Anyone can get their hands on a video camera these days, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still need a budget, story boards, a schedule, and an overall plan. Not to mention a great script. Regardless of your budget, there are basics you want to make sure you have covered to insure that your film is not only a success, but that it gets completed at all.
Greg Carter, Tom Copeland, Victor Moyers, Mark Potts
Moderated by Dawn Wiercinksi

Short Films, Webisodes and Other Outlets to Launch Your Career
Driskill Hotel, Maximilian Room

The popularity of short films has exploded thanks to dwindling attention spans, YouTube, and the omnipresence of mobile, small screen broadcast outlets, like cell phones. How do shorts and features differ in concept and execution? Will the cinema of the future be a hybrid of both? How can you use your short film or web series as a calling card and use it to launch your filmmaking career?
Tom Copeland, Mike Fry, Mark Potts
Moderated by Dano Johnson

SUNDAY, 10/24

Roundtable: The Film Team
Driskill Hotel, Citadel Room

Get in-depth answers to your questions about the business of screenwriting and filmmaking. This session offers registrants exclusive access to filmmakers and crew in an informal setting.
Greg Carter, Marjorie Eber, Travis Fine, Andrew Halbreich, Michael Katchman, Victor Moyers, Mark Potts, Dominique Preyer, PJ Raval, Bob Schultz, Alma Kuttruff, Frank Reynolds, Ezra Venetos

The Art of Storytelling with the 2010 Awardees
Stephen F. Austin, Ballroom

A conversation with the 2010 AFF Award recipients Robert Rodriguez, David Peoples, and David Simon about their experiences in bringing rich characters and great stories to the screen.
Moderated by Jake Silverstein

Music and Sound in Film
Driskill Hotel, Hogg Room

A conversation on how to direct story and guide emotion in film through the use of music and sound. The panel will include examples and discuss how music has been effectively used in film and talk about its potential in the future, with new digital technology becoming more easily accessible and affordable.
Tom Hammond, Graham Reynolds, Neil Truglio

Acquisitions & Distribution
Driskill Hotel, Maximilian Room

Join a conversation on film acquisitions and distribution with Kelly Sanders, Executive Director of Truly Indie; Sarah Harris, Senior Programmer for the Dallas Film Society; journalist Anthony Kaufman, a regular contributor to Variety, the Wall Street Journal Online,, the Village Voice, and a contributing editor to Filmmaker Magazine;distributor Michael Katchman, president of Rivercoast Film Distribution; and Tim League, founder of Drafthouse Films.

Independent Productions: Editing and Post-Production
Driskill Hotel, Hogg Room

Get tips, tricks of the trade, insight into new technology and what do the pros wish someone had told them before their first film? Learn about keeping an eye on the budget, staying on schedule, and what blind-sided our panelists when they were starting out.
Marcus van Bavel, Parke Gregg, Ron Pippin, Frank Reynolds

Music Licensing for Film
Driskill Hotel, Maximilian Room

Since copyright terms keep getting extended, now is a good time to figure out what is legal and what is not. A discussion on licensing music for your film, including how to keep costs down - cost of the song against its value for your film, and checking out what’s in public domain - and figuring out who to contact for that perfect song.
Andrew Halbreich, Dominique Preyer
Moderated by Aadip Desai

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