Wednesday, May 28, 2008

3 Quick FAQ’s for the 2008 Screenplay Competition:

What is the Latitude Award anyway?

The Latitude Award is an additional award category that we offer in conjunction with the Drama and Comedy categories. It is sponsored by Latitude Productions and offers a $2500 prize. It is open to any Adult themed Drama or Comedy with a projected budget of under $10 million.

The postmark deadline (June 1) is on a Sunday. How do you expect me to mail it on a Sunday?

I don’t. We are going to accept entries postmarked June 2. Sorry for the oversight. This only happens every six or seven years.

When do you contact the winners?

The First Rounders and Second Rounders will be sent letters by August 29. All Semifinalists will be called by the 29th as well. We will re-call all of the Semifinalists to notify them if they advanced to the Finals or not by September 19. The winners will be announced at the festival on October 18 during the Awards Luncheon.

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