Friday, August 31, 2007

Creator of "Moonlighting" & "Medium" to receive Outstanding Television Writer Award!

In 1985 Caron created the groundbreaking television phenomenon “Moonlighting.” The series had a cinematic, stylized feel evocative of 1940’s film-noir that transformed what could have been a formulaic storyline into one of the most successful and inventive series of its time.

Caron’s most recent work is as the creator and executive producer of NBC’s Emmy-winning series “Medium” starring Patricia Arquette. The series is based on the true-life story of psychic medium Alison DuBois who uses her psychic abilities to help law enforcement agencies across the country solve crimes.

“We’re honored to recognize Glenn Gordon Caron’s contribution to television writing,” said Barbara Morgan, Austin Film Festival co-founder and executive director. “He’s developed and worked on some of the most popular and important shows in television history and we’re all eager to learn more about the man behind some of TV’s most memorable characters. We couldn’t be more excited that Mr. Caron will join us in our fourteenth year of celebrating writers and their craft.”


tjg125 said...

Glenn Gordon Caron is a truly excellent choice for this award.

Dianehhopkins said...
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Dianehhopkins said...

Sorry, typo!

As a longtime Moonlighting fan, it is rewarding to see Mr. Caron's brilliance and innovation recognized. Kudos, Glenn!

Dwacon said...

Too bad his colleague, and my buddy, Carl Sautter, isn't around to share in the honors.