Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Austin Stories: Back in October

Mary and Jeff from Pirate Radio U.S.A

Austin was awesome! The fact that it is also a writer’s festival is a bonus, because you get to meet lots of cool writers, plus there were panels and a lot of good information being passed along. The first night we were there, we went to a party (with excellent drinks, a sign of good things to come) and ran into some folks we hadn’t seen in about 10 years---and we were all there with our movies! We enjoyed lots of swell parties, fun folks from Austin showing us a good time, and yes, really great films too. Even our friends’ movie was great! There were two screenings of our film at The Hideout, and both were full houses. Lots of publicity----we hung flyers around, but the festival staff arranged for two radio appearances for us too. It was the most mainstream radio press we’d had at that point, which was excellent, especially for a couple of radio pirates doing a movie about pirate radio. And they even liked us! To top it all off, we wound up meeting the folks from B-Side Entertainment who would be distributing our movie. That’s what many people hope to get from their film festival experience, and it’s more than we expected when we got on that plane to Austin back in October.

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