Monday, August 13, 2007

Austin Stories: Movies, Snacks, Hanging out and totally Jazzed about Film

Sate to Stella Panel From Left: David Wain, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter

I'm really interested in film, but at this point, I haven't been involved in any filmmaking, other than that time I read the school lunch menu on the local news back in '88. Anyway, I got a producer's badge for AFF last year so I could get into any and everything I wanted. I saw lots of great films from all over the world, checked out some fun panels, went to some
fancypants parties, and basically got to be a big shot for five days.

I would flash the badge, step inside. It was great. I really enjoyed the short film groupings because I could see four or five in one sitting, and most of the directors were in attendence for Q/A. I loved seeing "Stories of Disenchantment" (Historias Del Desencanto) at the huge IMAX screen, and seeing the Tenacious D movie before any of my friends was a great in-your-face. The Stella panel was hilarious. It was almost like watching them do a sketch.

Oh! And I saw that guy from that one movie. You know who I'm talking about? Yeah! Movies, snacks, and hanging out in lobbies listening to hungry filmmakers talk to one another about their sceenplays. It's rough out there! When it was all over with, I was totally jazzed about film.

I wrote a screenplay about giant vampire robots that threaten to drink up the world's oil supply. I worked really hard on it and used like 28 sheets of paper (it's a feature). Yeah, it's making the rounds. But, I don't know. Do you want to look it over? Do you know anybody? I'm in trouble here. I took out a third mortgage for this thing.
Find me at the next AFF.

---Travis Nichols, 2006 Austin Film Festival and Conference Registrant

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