Wednesday, February 15, 2006

M&Ms Oscar Bingo

The M&Ms web site now has a section dedicated to the Academy Awards ceremony, which wouldn't be terribly original (I mean, doesn't every candy company want you to eat their brand during the Oscars?) except for their offer of free downloadable "Oscar Bingo" cards. You know the drill - much like business buzzword bingo, you can cover the spaces on your card when certain phrases are spoken or certain events happen on screen.

For Oscar Bingo, phrases include "It's an honor to be here" and "I'm speechless." Some of the on-screen events are pretty generic like "Orchestra cuts off acceptance speech," but some of them are unusual and funny without being impossible. Personally, I like "cravat" and "Winner brought mom/dad as a date." Normally I fall asleep in front of the Academy Awards, but with that little something extra to keep me entertained, I may watch the whole thing.

Be sure to bring your Oscar Bingo cards to our Oscar Party at Ranch 616!