Friday, February 24, 2006

Big docs of 2005 show up on cable

Two of the more celebrated documentary films from last year have made their festival and theatrical rounds, so it's time for them to start popping up on DVD and TV. Grizzly Man, the Werner Herzog documentary (edited by Herzog from the "found" footage of its subject) follows self-appointed grizzly bear advocate Timothy Treadwell as he lives among the bears in Alaska during the last summers of his life. Treadwell and his girlfriend famously fell victim to one of the bears (footage is thankfully not included) and the knowledge of his demise provides a good bit of the film's tension. A fascinating look at a the life of a controversial and eccentric man. It's on the Discovery Channel this month. (The Austin Film Festival hosted an advance screening of Grizzly Man last year.)

Also airing this month on cable (this time on A&E), Murderball profiles members of paraplegic rugby teams in the U.S. and Canada. The BBC said: "If you're after honest, unpatronising insights and brutal match action then lock down your wheels for one of 2005's very best documentaries." Check your local listings for showtimes on both films.

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