Tuesday, February 21, 2006

'04 AFF doc The Loss of Nameless Things on PBS and DVD!

In 2004, at the inaugural AFF documentary competition, we were privileged to screen THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS, directed by Bill Rose.

LOSS will be screening on PBS (in late February in most markets) and is also coming out on DVD.

At the festival, Mr. Rose met with former Lightstorm and CastleRock VP of Development Curtis Burch, and recently announced that he sold the dramatic re-make rights to him. We look forward to following the progress of this amazing story.

Congratulations Bill!

Here is a letter from Bill Rose:

Hello friends,

Good news! I am excited (and more then a little relieved) to announce THE BROADCAST PREMIERE of THE LOSS OF NAMELESS THINGS. The film will air on the PBS documentary series, INDEPENDENT LENS, hosted by Edie Falco. Most broadcasts will air February 28th - though some, like Upstate New York, will not air until April 21st! Times vary from city to city ­ mostly at 9:00, 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM - with several additional encore broadcasts over the following days. Please check your local listings.

The good folks at Independent Lens have also done a wonderful job creating a COMPANION SITE for the film, chock full of info and useful links, including updates on each cast member.

Check out the PBS website: http://www.pbs.org/independentlens/lossofnamelessthings/.


Though grateful for this rare 90 minute PBS broadcast spot, I still had to cut over twenty minutes from the film. In doing so I made the tough decision to remove most of Oakley¹s work - this in order to leave time for the story itself. (I miss most Richard Zobel¹s fine readings from Grinder¹s Stand. After a brief and quite unexpected illness Richard passed away last fall. Quite stunning, esp. in light of his final words in the film). However, the original version of the film is still viewable -


The ORIGINAL FESTIVAL CUT, which many of you saw, and with all scenes restored, is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase at www.thelossofnamelessthings.com - the OFFICIAL SITE for the film.
(The official site includes synopsis, screening history, awards, and a whole lotta reviews - http://thelossofnamelessthings.com/secondary/press.html. If you haven¹t visited the site please do and drop me a line.)

For educational video and further info, including purchasing the shorter PBS version, which has been edited for language and nudity, please email me directly: Bill@thelossofnamelessthings.com

The film is also available though CUSTOMFLIX.
Web site: http://www.CustomFlix.com/208841
Phone: 888-304-0049
Email: sales@customflix.com


I am thrilled to announce that the dramatic re-make rights have been sold to former Lightstorm and CastleRock VP of Development Curtis Burch. There is much of interest here, but too early to relate specifics - not wanting to jinx anything; I think I¹ll just keep quiet for now.

Finally, in Seattle, playwright Stuart Greenman, whose play SILENCE, CUNNING, EXHILE, premiered at The American Repertory Theater, and was published in American Theater Magazine, is adapting Oakley¹s life-story for the stage. I am really looking forward to seeing what he makes of this. Stuart writes beautifully - I am honored to have him writing the stage play.

Finally, I want to thank each of you for your enthusiasm, interest - and in many cases, friendship. It has indeed been a long, long journey. I hope I¹ve shepherded this story to a good home. I¹ve know I¹ve done my best. It is time to move on.

To those of you of I¹ve met on the festival circuit, keep up your good work and thanks so much for the privilege of sharing my work with you. You've been a big part of my life these past few years, even when our time was brief. I sincerely hope life treats you well - and to meet up again a little further down the road.

Until then



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