Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Screenplay Letters are in the mail!!

The Screenplay Notification letters were put in the mail yesterday. Please be patient. Because of the number of letters, sometimes they can take several days to be delivered. Please give them through the weekend and by next Tuesday (September 2), if you haven't received any notification feel free to contact me at that point.

Thanks and I hope to see you all in October.

Alex McPhail
Screenplay/Teleplay Competition Director
Austin Film Festival


Anonymous said...

The question is, when will the calls been made?

Kelly said...

What's the cut off for phone calls? In other words, if I haven't received a phone call by, for example, 5pm on Friday the 29th, I definitely didn't make the semi-finals.

ChedderHed said...

Yes, please let us know when to give up hope for getting a call. Please??

Anonymous said...

have all semifinalists been notified?

Alex McPhail said...

Yes, all the Semifinalists have been notified at this point. If you have still not received your letter, shoot me an email at alex@austinfilmfestival.com