Friday, August 15, 2008

Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Finalists Announced!

Join us and former "Funniest Person in Austin" Matt Bearden this Monday, August 18th at 8PM in the Cap City Comedy Club (NO COVER!) to see the following short comedy films - competing to crown their maker the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin!

2008 Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Finalists

A New Toy Creator: Byron Brown
Young Dorian receives a new toy from a generous, overly cautious man.

Beep. Beep. Dig. Creator: Dan Vest
Docu-comedy on metal-detecting.

Blaster Burger Creators: Will Elliott/Kirk Johnson
Unfortunately for Judd, a day at the office means serving up fried gizzard globs to ingrates at Bert's Bigger Burger.

Friend Creators: The P! Company

fwd: if you love someone watch this Creator: Michael Charron
A modern day Romeo & Juliet tragedy by the way of the internet.

Getting' Rich - Home Prisons Creators: Ken Lewin/Dan French
Our prisons are running out of space, so why not rent your home to the system? Getting Rich shows you how to make some fat skrilla from housing vicious killas.

Karl's Semen-Free Ad Reel Creators: Jeremy Cohen/Gopal Bidari
A reel of ads for Karl's various semen-free services

le squirrel Creator: Christopher Allen
A dubbed-over foreign film about an inquisitive robot attempting to collect data about squirrels.

Mrs. Marcus Nutty Bar Creator: Chris Osborn
A young woman fantasizes about the potential future of marrying one of Little Debbie's most popular snack items.

Platypus Rex in: Hymenoplasty Creator: Bob Ray
Who wants to be deflowered…again? Rex looks into it.

Sal Monella Episode 1 Creators: Heath Allyn/Larry Soileau
Two kids learn the dangers of salmonella from everyone's favorite spokesman, Sal Monella!

Serial Killer Movie Preview Creator: Dan Hedges
Preview for an action-packed thriller about a rogue cop's one-man battle against a notorious serial murderer.

The Job Interview Creator: Wayne Cheong
A job applicant tries to impress his interviewer at an ad agency by showcasing his samples. Hilarity ensues.

Uncle Terry Creators: Chris Trew/Brock Baldwin
Uncle Terry's gonna show you how to do it.

Warning Todd Merriman
A young filmmaker struggles to protect his intellectual property while maintaining his artistic integrity.

Wrestling with Avon Creators: Craig Matthew Staggs/Chris Sharpe
Capt'n Avon Conrad-Shirley is the greatest bear fighter to ever live, thanks to his lucky ear.

Bring your friends and we'll see you there!

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