Wednesday, April 23, 2008

AFF@15: Terry Rossio at the Driskill

A blast from the recent past: Terry Rossio and friends hanging out at the Driskill Hotel Bar during the 2007 Conference.

Something that I have always loved about the Driskill Bar is that it located in the heart of the Conference (and yes - there is also a full bar). It is conveniently located between the panel rooms upstairs and the other downtown locations like the Paramount Theatre and the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. Everyone is bound to plop down on one of the couches at some point to re-group and figure out their next move. Whether it is to choose what panel to head to, which shorts program to see or even a quick Dos Equis break, its location makes it the perfect rally point throughout the Conference. In the evenings after the panels and parties are all over, people end up congregating back at the Driskill bar for a nightcap where you can finish off that conversation you were having before dragging yourself upstairs for the next exciting day of panels.


Brett said...

I refuse to explain what was making me laugh in that photo.

But it was funny.

Shawna said...

Wait, did I take this picture? And if not, where the heck was I? I was practically attached to the Rossio hangers-on all weekend!