Monday, April 28, 2008

AFF @ 15: Screenplay Alumni Stories

Jimmy Miller (2007 Adult/Family Winner for Slugger) is managed by Josh McGuire of Washington Square Arts. At the 2007 festival he met Gayla Nethercott of Don Buchwald & Associates and she signed on to be his agent. He also met Mary Stuart Masterson who was screening her film Cake Eaters at AFF. Jimmy and Mary Stuart met and knew that Slugger was a perfect project for them to work on together. It has been optioned by Barndoor Productions and Jimmy is currently working on a rewrite. Mary Stuart has signed on to direct Slugger and continues to work closely with Jimmy to develop the project.

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Jimmy!!! Wooo-hooooo!!!

We're not worthy!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Jimmy! It's great to see that good things still happen to really nice people. Upward and onward!

Joe Gough