Monday, January 07, 2008


Join us as we celebrate our 15th anniversary by retelling the greatest moments and success stories from AFF history with new blog posts every Monday! Whether you’ve been to every festival or have yet to come, you’ll get the behind-the-scenes info on the encounters and events still being talked about today. Then come out and make history of your own at the 15th Annual Austin Film Festival, October 16-23, 2008.

This photo was taken at this past year’s festival at the screening of STARTING OUT IN THE EVENING. Andrew Wagner (Writer/Director) and Fred Parnes (Writer) attended the festival with the film and participated on the panel BOTTOM LINE: Writing As A Team.

During the panel Andrew discussed what the writing process was like when writing with a partner.

“In our case, I’ll just start from my own personal experience I have been writing for almost 25 years. I’d always written alone and it was a really compelling experience to collaborate writing together. It was almost 2 years and really ended up being an extraordinary experience. And I agree with Fred- that when there is 2 people in a room together you can really push an idea to its depth, to its roots, to its source- to where you can really to find the truth of the scene.”

made several critics favorite films of 2007. Including The New York Times, The Washington Post and AP’s David Germain’s top 10 list.

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