Thursday, January 18, 2007

Milch Discusses his new project

David Milch with presenter and Deadwood star Ian McShane during the festival.

From, word on John From Cincinnati the new series from 2006 AFF Outstanding Television Writer Award Recipient David Milch...

"Deadwood" creator David Milch talked up his new drama "John From Cincinnati," which is pegged for a surfing-friendly summertime debut. His appearance at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel event proved to be something of a surreal experience, with the producer in an unusually chatty, stream-of-consciousness mood while extolling the virtues of "Cincinnati," his paranormal surfing series. It left all who witnessed it feeling bemused and somewhat overwhelmed.

"To my mind, reality is a shifting and elusive condition," Milch said during one of his expansive oral adventures. "It redefines itself constantly. ... When I was saying that this is a story that takes place on the margins of things, the attempt to identify the coordinates of reality is itself a kind of problematic and conditional effort. It's changing all the time. ... As time goes on, you come to realize what seemed to be chasms of difference which cannot be bridged turn out not even to exist."

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