Tuesday, April 25, 2006

United 93 opens Tribeca, plays tonight for AFF members

United 93 opened the Tribeca Film Festival on Tuesday and plays in Austin tonight, Wednesday for AFF members. Here's an excerpt from a Reuters article.

Kicking off the Tribeca Film Festival on Tuesday will be the premiere of "United 93," a dramatization of the story of the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers fought its hijackers.

"If it was not opening the festival, it would seem strange," De Niro said at a news conference on Monday launching the festival. "It's important to see because it's kind of a playback of what happened and you know what's going to happen (but) still, ... you have to see the movie."

"United 93" is the first major Hollywood movie treatment of September 11. The next, Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center," about two police officers trapped under the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center towers, is due out in August.

"United 93" was made with the full cooperation of the families of those who died and around 90 of them are due to attend the premiere.

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