Thursday, October 20, 2005

More AFF press coverage, notes from the blogosphere

The Austin Film Festival was featured in The Austin Statesman's XL section and The Austin Chronicle today; you can check out their coverage of the films showing and interviews with some of the visiting guests for an idea of what to see and do at the Festival this weekend. (Did we mention that film passes are just $35 for all screenings? Buy them at the Driskill Hotel.)

On top of that there are a number of people out there blogging as they attend the festival, including Sammy, dmann11, and kinslerbot. You can add your own blog to the AFF web site by signing up for a My Festival account and clicking the "blogs" tab for instructions. Even if you don't want to blog, the My Festival section is a great way to create your own calendar of screenings, track what films are popular, and read reviews from other Festival attendees.

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