Monday, June 15, 2009

The 2009 AFF Conference

Just one more you reason you should be at the Austin Film Festival & Conference in October...

Whet your appetite with a recent article in The Guardian featuring successful screenwriter Shane Black's top ten tips for a robustly action-packed script.  The article, written by Sam Delaney, is just a taste of the insider info available through the Conference panels.  Both Black and Delaney are confirmed panelists for the 2009 AFF Conference.

Barry Josephson, Mike Akel, Jessica Bendinger, Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter after the Writer/Director Panel at the AFF Conference.

This year's panel discussions will feature case studies of the writing and script-to-screen production process with the writers and creators for such films and shows as "Twilight", Lost, "Valkyrie", "Watchmen", "The Secret Life of Bees", Mad Men and the HBO hit series Entourage.  Other planned panel discussions include:

Marketing Your Script and Yourself at Conferences: How to stand out from the crowd and stacks

An Insider's Guide to Screenwriting Competitions

Connecting Characters with Audience: Creating characters that resonate with diverse audiences and writing short-hand characterizations in your script

Breaking Into the Business: Hear from newly sold/optioned writers talking about how they did it

Writing the Perfect TV Spec Script

Should Screenplays Reflect Real World Events?  A discussion on scripts and films that have social, economic, or political relevance

The Long Road to Becoming an Overnight Success

Getting a (Re)Writing Job

Writing for Film vs. Writing for Television

The Art of the Pitch: Beyond the Page

Common Mistakes Writers Make And How to Prevent Them

The Conference will also feature two new panel series: 'Independent Productions', addressing Financing, Putting Your Team Together, and Marketing & PR; and a master class series on genres 'Write What You Know', tackling Comedy, SciFi, Horror, and more.

With more than 40 panelists set to appear at the 2009 AFF Conference, including Richard Linklater, Mike White, Jessica Bendinger, Paul Feig and many, many more, who else should we add to the list?  What industry professionals and additional topics would make this event even more irresistible to you?  Tell us here

WARNING:  Attending the AFF Conference may result in the sale of your script.  Proceed with caution.

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