Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Infidelity, in All the Same Ways

The online magazine may be sex-centric -- it's often described as "literate smut" -- but the site also has a healthy obsession with movies. As part of its current themed articles about "Secrets and Lies," Nerve offers a funny feature called "The Hollywood Guide to Infidelity," wherein you can survey the most enduring onscreen cliches about unfaithfulness. Two examples from the Nerve list:

Women who entice you into affairs with logical arguments ("We're two adults . . .") are the most psychopathic of all.

Married professors, even after a lifetime of fidelity, will inevitably begin an affair with that one special student.

As evidence for that second one, they point to, among other movies, The Squid and the Whale, which was given an advance screening at last year's Austin Film Festival. And you've got to admit it's true -- as soon as the female student shows up, you know the Jeff Daniels character is going to proposition her. There is some level of uncertainty, however: is he going to be inappropriate, or is he going to be completely and boorishly inappropriate?

The link is here -- but wait! Don't click on it yet! Take a moment and check who can see your computer screen. The site is, remember, devoted to sex, and has the racy visuals to go along with that. You don't want your co-workers to get any wrong ideas about your surfing habits, do you?

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