Monday, May 08, 2006

Durwood's Video Pick of the Week

Durwood Wilkes is a professional bingo caller from Henshitt, Texas currently making his home base in Chicago. He recently celebrated his 25th year of criss-crossing the country spreading the gospel of bingory. The video pick of the week is taken from The Weekly Hopper, a newsletter for fans of Honky Tonk Bingo, a Sunday night tradition at the Pontiac Cafe' in Chicago. To subscribe to the Hopper, drop him a line at


The Killers, 1946 dir. Robert Siodmak

My dark mood prompts me to recommend one of the best film noirs ever
made in my humble opinion. Burt Lancaster plays an ex-prizefighter on
the lam in a small town. Ol' Burt's doomed to get his as his sordid
past is revealed. Based on a classic short story by Ernest
Hemmingway. the Criterion Collection gives this film the deluxe
treatment it deserves.

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